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As a Dutch/Bosnian photographer, Jermain's practices focus on topics related to post-war communities, migration, displacement and home. His subjects are mostly people in their own environments as he is curious about what lies behind their eyes, where they have been and where they hope to go.

Jermain's work mainly encompasses documentary photography, while learning traditional printing techniques. He works with a direct and sincere approach: playing right at the intersection between aesthetic creativity and uncompromising reality. Capturing the people and places that he encounters with a sensitive eye where vibrancy and intensity come forward in the use of colour. His images are the result of intuition and patience while being out in the field.

His current projects are focused on fringe people and places that are often overlooked by society. Jermain likes to immersive himself in their environment to get a deeper connection with the location and its humanity. With his body of work, he strives to create awareness around complex topics around the world.

‘I enjoy finding photographs that capture candid moments and that embrace the everyday. Uncover beauty and significance in the ordinary. I always try to engage with my head but also with my heart.’

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